Monet’s Walk

A new tradition has grown on the grounds of Rooster Ridge. Certain areas of plantings, walkways, gardens…and trees are honored with a celebratory pronouncement of a name! The photograph above is Monet’s Walk, a pathway which begins on the cobble stone drive of The Cottage at Rooster Ridge and leads to the backyard. The beginning of the walkway is graced with a beautiful arbor which serves as the support for several trumpet vines and honeysuckle vines. The flowers of  these vines grant us the pleasure of an occasional visit from a hummingbird!

This pathway is named Monet’s Walk due to the magnificent plantings of six hydrangea trees, three along each side. From a distance their clusters of globe shaped flowers create a Monet-like effect of being visible in a out-of-focus sort of way. It is a treat to walk through this path with it’s abundance of flowers and aroma! Bees visit daily to gather the sweet nectar.

During the late summer months we relish the opportunity to walk along Monet’s Walk and we also enjoy bunches of hydrangeas in The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. As the summer begins to fade, the flowers begin their transformation from warm ivory white to pink—becoming deeper in color as the days become shorter.

Once fall is here, it is time for the Harvesting of the Hydrangeas! Bountiful flower arrangements are created, placed in vases without water and allowed to dry in place. The hydrangeas from Monet’s Walk have been transformed into party centerpieces, wreaths and flower arrangements. Once the harvest has arrived there will be more to come!

I hope you enjoyed this walk at The Cottage at Rooster Ridge—joy surrounds!

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