Mission Accomplished…Take Off!

Folks, this is NOT your average fan! Here’s more on the subject of the original version of recycling, re-purposing and utilizing those unique treasures we come across—either through the traditional method of passing down or discovered by chance or luck— or through the process of selective vintage and antique hunting! (Our favorite method…)

Years ago Steven had located this unusual vintage three-blade wooden and metal propeller which once flew in the blue skies! Initially, the propeller was mounted to the ceiling as it yearned to once again feel the wind against the aerodynamic blades. After quite some time of staring into the “white yonder” of the ceiling as we studied the propeller and the challenge of motorizing the blades, we are pleased to announce—Mission Accomplished! The vintage propeller – turned ceiling fan has taken off!

This unique version of a ceiling fan required the mastery of engineering and for that we need to give a round of applause to Tony, our amazingly talented Race Team Engineer! (Applause)

In order to have a fan belt driven from a remote motor, the pulley and mounting bracket had to be custom fabricated. Job well done! The addition of copper paint on the exposed hardware completes the attractive finished appearance.

The fan is operated with a fan speed control mounted on the wall and when the speed is set on the high we are stunned that the house does not lift off!

The comforting sound of the pulley as the belt chuggs along adds to the charm of this unique addition to Rooster Ridge. Boarding Pass Required!

5 Comments on “Mission Accomplished…Take Off!”

  1. Flynn says:

    How can I get more info on these fans? Lolahospitality@yahoo.com

    • Jeri Glatter says:

      Please excuse the tardy response! Your correspondence was inadvertently overlooked! The Airplane Propeller Ceiling fan was custom made from our own Vintage Three Prop. Should you wish any information on our process please feel free to contact us again.

  2. Jane Hearon says:

    I love this !!! How did you make this ?? Where / how can I get one???

    • Jeri Glatter says:

      Hi Jane!
      Thansk for visiting the Cottage at Rooster Ridge—and for your enthusiasm about our ceiling fan!

      We made our fan! It is our version of a feat of mechanical engineering! We started with a Vintage 3 Prop Airplane Propeller! We used a motor for a ceiling fan and then engineered pulleys on each end – one on the motor and one on the propeller, using ball bearings and a housing unit. We recessed the motor into the ceiling and framed it out. We also brought electricity to that place in the ceiling, we then mounted the propeller/pulley so it would line up with the motor. We used a rubber belt to connect the two pulleys. The fan is controlled with a rheostat control mounted on the wall. There was some metal work that was required, so you’ll need to either have that ability or know someone who can assist!
      Good luck! This is the only 3- prop we have ever found!
      Kind regards, Jeri

  3. Mark Adkins says:

    I love the look of this ceiling fan. I am building a new Master Bedroom and this is what I am looking to design my bedroom with. This has the Industrial look i am looking for.

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