A Fallen Tree Becomes Repurposed

It was a first…at least for me—a white Halloween! Rather than listening to the crunching and crackling of the dried leaves being stomped upon as enthusiastic trick-or-treaters ran from door to door, a quiet hush embodied the early evening of this years’ hallowed eve. We experienced an early snowfall, one that coated stark white flakes upon the brilliant hues of yellows, reds and oranges of the traditional fall showing. From an artistic point of view, the clean white frosting offset the rich fall colors, like the perfect white paint on window trim enhances the richness of wall color.

However, it’s not always only about art, although, I wish it were. The weight of the snow on the leaf covered trees brought with it a tremendously weighty burden. Branches snapped. Trees were fallen. The cry of a storm often can be heard days later in the voices of the buzz of saws and the grimacing grinding of stumps. Although I would not commit to being certified as an official-card-carrying member of the tree hugging society—I admit, I am always saddened by a tree fall. The space the tree once occupied seems overly empty to me.

After the Halloween snowfall I scurried to the yard to halt the saws and to make a request.

“May I please have some slices made?” (Asking nicely should help?…)

The response was a look of confusion bordered upon annoyance, which is not particularly uncommon for me and my requests. I continued with my request;

“Yes. Slices. Slices of tree, please. About this thick (as I held up two fingers with a 2″ space between them.) Circles. Yes, I want flat circles. Five should do, I like odd numbers (for design).”

Then came the reply I hoped to hear, “You heard her…make tree slices!?”

I knew what the next question would be,

“And what are you going to do with your tree slices? Never mind, just tell me what you want me to do.”

Ahhhhh, asked and answered. Good man.

“Clear coat. Lots of coats. Waterproof them.”

To date, the tree slices have been platforms for displays, platters for appetizers and one tree slice serves as a cutting board. With the addition of felt slides on the underside of the wood, the are easily slid onto tables and counter tops without the fear of scratching.

We’d like to thank Pottery Barn for the candlesticks, a gift from my sister (shout out!) Williams Sonoma for the rooster embroidered hotel napkins, a gift from my Mom (shout-out!) I guess it’s not that bad having a Christmas-time birthday. The tin back-splash was purchased from American Tin and we’ll have more on that at a later writing!

Additionally, we are pleased to share with you The Rooster Ridge Collection of Antique Mashers and our Arts and Crafts Antique Wooden Rooster.

And so it goes. Life at Rooster Ridge—where we recycle, repurpose and (hopefully) redefine design and the appreciation of all things artistic! Art Lives!

One Comment on “A Fallen Tree Becomes Repurposed”

  1. Sienna says:

    What a fantastic idea!! An innovative way to preserve a piece of your yard and bring nature into your home. Bravo!

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