Echo Wisely

While completing the second week of a self designed social-media-book-marketing-plan I found myself in a reflective place. I knew I had been busy; the entry into the vastness of the world of social media, at least for me, involved a tremendous learning curve. I was well aware that each of my sixty—minute—processes were 20-minute-actions taken effortlessly by others. Blogging, for those who had “jumped on sooner” or who were genetically predisposed to the art of computing and the world of the internet, well, for them…this new world was just another click. I struggled. I wrestled with the physicality of it all, the links, the like me’s, the tweets and the follows. What I needed was a for it all—successfully copied and pasted into my brain.

Being a “looking inward” vs a “looking outward” sort of person (my cross, so to speak) brought me to a place of reflection after a mere ten entries of blogging…here it came…the inevitable contemplative thoughts; “What am I doing? Does this have value? Am I merely attempting to capitalize on a trend of communication that happens to be conveniently located in my house? If you can wear your P.J.’s and work—is that cheating? Am I just another blogger who likes to read what they write? What is my goal and why am I sharing all of my ideas and thoughts with strangers? What happened to me? Is this what everyone else is doing?

Oh no! Questioning myself. Panic time.

Followed by deep breathing techniques (was that from a blog?) Sweater off, sweater on. Hair up, freak out, breathe, breatheeeeeee, exhale, e x h a l e, EXHALE! gotta think, gotta think…more coffee!?

Question time.

1. Was there true content in what I had written and sent out?

2. Was there value for others in what I had sent upon the…whatever the internet was—airwaves, no that’s radio…internet-waves, space thingy?

3. Was blogging a disguised version of “all about me?” Worst fear ever.

Review time.

Upon reviewing, I found there was content in what I had written, my writing had included some useful information to those who might be interested. What I had hoped for—was to inspire. I had truly attempted to remove the “me” as the starring role through the practice of humility and I had hoped that had been conveyed.


We are all creating echos. Each of us—whether we blog or not. Echos are created in the conversations we have, the exchanges we participate in, both verbal and non. Although we may not feel the resonating vibration immediately—or ever, we are all creating echos. I have come to understand that, for me, it is in the unknowing of the outcome of what our actions will bring that our purest self emerges. For now, I choose to blog, and while doing so, I must remind myself to detach from the outcome–and more importantly, the need for feedback, affirmation or applause. That is my goal, not always my reality.

By concentrating on the quality of the echos we send out—the world will be touched in a positive way. The person whom we most deeply touch through the echo of our actions or words, for all we know—has yet to be born. Echos are lasting—and can survive from generation to generation. I choose to be thoughtful of this realization as I proceed upon this journey.

It is with love and kindness—from the integrity of our highest self that we consciously choose to—echo wisely.

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