Everyday Chores—Add Beauty & Charm—Conserve & Recycle!

Wash the dishes…feed the dog, make dinner, put the water on the table…don’t forget to wash your hands!

We all have them—the everyday chores which require repetitive maintenance. At Rooster Ridge we make every effort to bring beauty and joy to everything we possibly can—even the dullest of activities are enriched by a little creative and artistic thought.

With the use of inexpensive cotton towels and a handy “used towel basket” at the ready, hand-washing has become a less arduous chore. The small amount of laundry created by using these cotton towels is worth the time and effort! By skipping the usage of disposable paper hand towels an element of conservation is achieved—while still offering each “hand-washer” their own towel.

This interesting bottle was discovered by literally being unearthed during the pond renovation at Rooster Ridge. Once the patina (aka dirt) had been scrubbed away we were left with a charming porcelain-stopper bottle. By adding a bartender spout, available at grocery and kitchen stores we then filled the bottle with dish washing liquid and ta-da a daily chore became more of an experience. The solid smooth glass feels comfortable in your hand while the reflection of light off the glass and the color of the soap adds visual  interest.

Our favorite brand of flavored lemonade comes in a glass bottle with a porcelain stopper and wire hinge. The beautiful colors and charming packaging always adds cheer to a festive event. Once the bottles have been deliciously emptied a quick, warm, sudsy wash removes the labels leaving a wonderful recycled water bottle. Due to our love of this product we have acquired a collection—and often place one at each place-setting next to a tall frosted glass. Guests seem to enjoy the fun of popping open their own bottle and being free to refill whenever they wish. Our fridge is always stocked and ready—grab one and enjoy a glass of H2O while sitting in the garden or on the back porch…or at your desk writing!

Preparing daily meals often becomes a chore rather than a creative expression of culinary skill! We have discovered working with beautiful utensils, even for the simplest of tasks, serves to enrich the experience— and often assists in inspiring the chef! The vintage bottles and stately silver stand is filled with olive oil, flavored olive oil and vinegar. This beautiful silver cruet set was hidden behind closed doors—of a china cabinet. Now liberated, the cruets are used daily and enjoyed by the chef—and those who come to the kitchen to be fed!

Look inside your china cabinet and enjoy the beauty daily! What are you waiting for?

We purchased two of these fabulous red tin steamers and have utilized them for years in many varied purposes! It seemed a shame to place them once again in the cupboard for the next time they would be needed for a party or dinner event. Refusing to hide them away—one of them has found a permanent home on the cook top island. Lucas always comes running the moment he hears the familiar sound of the tin top being removed. Inside is a measuring cup waiting to serve a nice helping of his kibble. Within the retro red steamer pot, dog food is now creatively disguised and ready for convenient feeding time!

We hope you are inspired to use a little creative and artistic thought in your cottage to add beauty and joy to your life–even in the simplest of chores!

Art Lives!

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