Linear Thinking…Prohibited!

The discovery is made. A unique characteristic or a subtle aspect of an item—the form, texture, material—calls to you. You want it and not necessarily from the standpoint of ownership, it’s more emotional than that. The truth is—you want to be near it. And you don’t know why.

Enter logic. Check the price…if the purchase is something your finances can manage, just as you were ready to literally “buy in” along comes the (annoyingly) rigid, linear thinking part of your brain. Shortly thereafter follows the dreaded question, “What would we do with it???”

Quiet. Stop that! Great discoveries and purchases  are made from the heart. Especially in the venue of the creative, artistic and vintage world!

Often items which we are attracted to are no longer a functioning piece of our reality. They have outlived their initial purpose and have been cast away. We urge you to come to the rescue!

This Vulcan 10:52 Gas Stove, manufactured by the William M. Crane Co. New York (as it is stamped) sat quietly unnoticed in the corner of a shop. Perhaps the stylish curve of the legs, the geometrical design of the grill or the mechanical brass handles attracted us to the now obscure stove.

The interior workings had been removed and in doing so a lovely shelf was created. By adding a sturdy piece of 1/2″ glass with polished edges—a unique coffee table emerged!

We encourage you to allow yourself the freedom of creative thought, explore, discover and take chances! Art Lives!

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