Vintage Paper Cutters: Re-Purposed for Many Purposes! Part One

At Rooster Ridge when an item serves a useful purpose we often continue to discover more and more uses—and at times, one doesn’t seem to be enough! We have three, yes three, Vintage Paper Cutters which have been re-purposed and lovingly brought back to a functioning and valued aspect of life at Rooster Ridge! We have discovered many uses for the vintage work horse of yesterday! We can’t imagine being without one of them…or all three! The paper cutters have become a signature piece at Rooster Ridge.

The first of the trio is mounted onto an industrial steel work table which serves as the center island in the kitchen of  The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. The paper roll is easily attainable and comes in various weights, colors and dimensions. We always place a ball of twine, spools of ribbon and string in an easily accessible location as the paper is often used to quickly wrap cookies to go or to wrap herbs or flowers which have been freshly picked from the garden. A string dispenser is charming and has a string-cutter built in for convenience.

Our favorite utilization is the quick and easy place mats we create with a simple pull and tear! These disposable paper mats are quick and fun! Colored pencils are kept as a permanent fixture on the table and therefore  encourages scribbles, illustrations and impromptu “place- seating designs and assignments.” Often children who are our guests are given the honor of decorating the mats and creating seat assignments!

It is commonplace to hear an appreciative sigh when anyone, at any age—sits down to find their name hand written on their place mat.

This is one of three of the Vintage Paper Cutters at Rooster Ridge. Stay tuned for Part Two and Three!

Art Lives!

4 Comments on “Vintage Paper Cutters: Re-Purposed for Many Purposes! Part One”

  1. JOSIE BALDWIN says:


    • Jeri Glatter says:

      Dear Josie,

      Thank you for your interest and appreciation for the vintage paper cutters at Rooster Ridge! We have stumbled upon two of the ones that we have, a third was located through an internet search! Wishing you great luck on the hunt!

  2. Carolyn Lane says:

    what size is the one shown. And what is the asking price?

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