Vintage Paper Cutters: Re-Purposed for Many Purposes! Part Two

We discovered this fabulous double Vintage Paper Cutter which holds a 12″ and 24″ roll of paper. We elected to use traditional white butcher paper and our favorite look of natural recycled craft paper. We built a custom shelf with supportive legs to create a paper-roll station in The House at Rooster Ridge!

We love the charm of these wooden spools of velvet ribbon.

While on the continuous search for incredible Vintage pieces to restore to use this vintage cage-style string holder is gorgeous. The details are simply wonderful with lion paw feet, intricate leaf pattern design and is cast in iron. There are four places to enable the holder to be attached to the surface of a work space for additional ease of use!

We have placed a ball of yarn rather than the traditional ball of string; this yarn is made from recycled silk threads from Sari’s. The magnificent colors and rich texture exude creativity!

Recycled silk yarn is the by-product of colorful Saris that women wear in South Asia. It is the loose ends of Saris collected from industrial mills in India that is hand spun into yarn in Nepal. The vibrant colors and unique texture of these silk fibers and silk yarn are inspirational to designers, knitters, and artisans. The popularity of recycled silk yarn has extended beyond Nepal and India and has created an empowering cottage industry primarily benefiting women. This yarn is made of completely recycled Sari material from recycled clothing in Nepal. It is as green a fiber as you can get, awesome!.

In addition to using the paper for place mats, wrapping cookies to go, flowers and herbs from the garden as discussed in Vintage Paper Cutters Part One, we also use the paper rolls to create our signature wrapping paper! Gifts seen under the tree or placed upon the gift table are automatically identified as being a gift from Rooster Ridge.

Ribbon, string, yarn and twine are kept nearby for spontaneous creative gift wrapping. With the colored pencils which are kept on the table close by, gift tags are created on packages by hand! We also keep a Mason Jar filled with simple tags for a last minute rush!

It is always a wonderful experience to give a gift—with the additional experience of creating a one of a kind presentation the joy is expanded!

Part Three of Vintage Paper Cutters will bring you into The Studio in The Cottage at Rooster Ridge!

Art Lives!

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