The following is an excerpt from the chapter entitled Welcome from my book Lessons from the Trumpet Vine. This writing is one of the earliest entries. I was just beginning to understand the communication and insight I would receive from the spiritual guidance I had been seeking with such earnestness. We were getting to know one another, or more correctly, I was being gently unveiled to their magnificence—they knew every aspect of my soul, my darkest moments and my most precious droplets of hope.

With my heartfelt love,


Lessons from the Trumpet Vine

Written & Illustrated by Jeri L. Glatter


All will flow smoothly in the stream, as the waters of your intention flow with the universe, to serve the highest good. This is not to say there will not be struggles. Boulders also live in the stream, but as you now move in a purposeful direction, you will overcome. You will not drown. At times, you will rush over fields of rocks with a magnificent velocity. Do not believe that you are creating those moments, nor should you attach any grandiosity, for this ability to rise above such obstacles is a gift which carries you. Learn to enjoy those moments and be thankful, but do not come to expect them. They too require effort.

At times, you will need to adjust your course, as you will be blocked by the largest of boulders. With that will come the understanding that there is much that is not within your power to move or change. At other times, you will need to flow quietly within the hidden current beneath the surface. This will teach you humility and grace. Much practice and time will be required to learn how to discern the appropriate action. This lesson will travel with you for your lifetime. You must come to the village each day. Your absence will create a dam, preventing the flow of the stream. Do not allow that. We ask you to keep the flow in constant motion. As life is ever–changing, so shall you be.

Each day you must exercise the ability to let go of the outcome of your work. This will be one of your most difficult challenges. The result is not yours to design, and this understanding requires an act of faith. You must let go of your plans and your view of what your life could be. You must trust, and work, and visit the village daily with an open heart and an open mind. View the need to know the effect of your work as an unwanted boulder blocking your flow. Use the momentum of your faith to push the boulder aside. Each push will make you stronger and more capable, until one day the boulder will rest on the river side.

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