The Art of Dining—Chairs!

Ten Dining Room Chairs—One Fabric?

The same color and pattern for ALL 10 ??? — Borrrrrrring!

Ten different fabrics? Toooooo many!

Five varied fabrics—JUST RIGHT!

We have found at The Cottage at Rooster Ridge that mixing  patterns creates visual interest and seemingly energetic movement. By building upon a common thread (pun intended) colors and patterns are easily combined in new and unusual ways! This kind of freestyle decorating adds whimsy, character and personality to your decor! You also are encouraged to take minimal risks as you say yes to the fabric you love—with bees on it or Faberge´-like eggs! One yard of upholstery fabric is usually sufficient for two chairs—why not?

With our anthem of—attention to detail—using multiple fabrics will work beautifully by looking for the commonality of the fabrics; the five fabrics chosen for this installation have two primary aspects in common.

The Color Connection; Each fabric has a similar warm-golden-yellow element within the pattern of the design. In addition each fabric has the same amount or sheen, creating a coordination in the level of formality.

The Hand Connection; The hand of fabric refers to the way a textile feels in the hand. All five fabrics have the same smooth hand and the weight of the fabrics are the same.

These two subtle similarities create sub-categories of coordination, the results— multiple fabrics working beautifully in conjunction with one another. We also love each of these fabrics independently—each is a remarkable design statement alone. Together—pure design bliss!

In the decor of Rooster Ridge, variations of the color red is one of the hallmark colors in our design scheme. With that in mind, two different fabrics with red grounds were selected.

A lovely warm-gold-yellow is another one of the primary colors used within the color scheme of Rooster Ridge. We were very fortunate to find a rich gold fabric with a rooster motif!

A gorgeous green fabric  (with gold bees) was also included in the five, the color works beautifully with the traditional, historic green that is used as an accent color. Historic green is painted on the inset of panel moldings and on one fireplace mantle. Additionally, deep green is introduced through the use of Verde marble on the five fireplace hearths.

Another assistance in coordinating multiple fabrics is to use one pattern in more than one color variation. This approach assists in creating a cohesive blend of the different elements. The golden-yellow rooster fabric had a second color-way on a black ground. The eye naturally connects the two as the patterns of the prints are the same.

The addition of the black fabric works beautifully also as accent chairs in the family room. The retro wooden blinds with exposed hardware are accented with black ribbon. Due to the use of the industrial pieces throughout the house black is an additional secondary accent color.

Depending on the number of diners, the mood and theme of the table can also be altered by choosing certain chairs. A holiday dinner for six could consist of four red and two green chairs. A spring buffet for four might consist of two gold and two green chairs. The combinations and theme inspired arrangements are endless! And of course—there are often requests from guests to sit in a particular chair, as a favorite fabric is declared!

By using five fabrics—there are two chairs in each fabric, the chairs naturally fall into matched pairs which can be used in other rooms—especially for entertaining!

Fabrics and textiles are another form of art—expand the palette in your cottage—introduce artistic touches with soft goods; upholstery, window treatments, pillows and table linens all become canvases for art!

Art Lives!

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