The Art of Dining—Baby Edition!

Swoon & Gush

The days of having young children and babies as residents at Rooster Ridge are—well, let’s just say—Vintage!

However, this does not mean one should not be prepared—to welcome little ones with the same charming style afforded to our adult guests! Enter—the Dining-in-Style high chair! Swoon & Gush!

Without the appropriate babies immediately on hand, we could not completely justify the purchase of this beautiful solid wood Vintage high chair, however—my “antique mentor” aka Steven, has taught me many lessons with regard to making selections.

As a young grasshopper, I have willingly absorbed the lessons and moved past my days of the need to legitimize each purchase. Some of our most compelling additions have been obtained without a clue as to what would become of them! This is part of the adventure and the creative spirit which comes from Vintage Re-Purposing!

What we find to be more important than the precise historical information (unless you are planning a museum) is the pervasive and effervescent attitude of encouraging the following of ones heart! The most prominent lesson that I cherish is; “When you see it, buy it. There is no such thing as over-paying for something Vintage or an Antique—never too much, only too soon.”

The beauty of this high chair with its artistically curved graceful lines and the traditional cane seat and back was undeniable. As a bonus, the design included incredible industrial gearing and wheels—babies or not, this high chair was coming to Rooster Ridge!

In addition to beauty, the high chair has a wonderful mechanical function! By pulling the knob on the back, the legs begin their movement. The second position is a lower version of the high chair. This allows for various feeding heights with or without the tray, turning the high chair into an elevated small dining chair for a toddler.

You are not going to believe what this inventive design of yesteryear does next!

With the next pull of the knob the legs swing outward and ta-da a rocking chair!

Swoon & Gush! We did!

Since the purchase of this wonderful high chair we have in joyously hosted the marvelous Madeleine for luncheons and dinners! As good students—we are quite pleased that we followed our Vintage and Antique purchasing lessons!

If you love something, bring it to a place of love—your cottage!

Joy Surrounds!

6 Comments on “The Art of Dining—Baby Edition!”

  1. pourang tajally says:

    Hi, I have got the same baby chair but it is damaged and it’s not in good condition. Did you repair it as well? If not, do you know anyone to do repair? I would appreciate your advice.
    Thank you!

    • Jeri Glatter says:

      We were fortunate to discover this high chair in the pristine condition shown! We do not offer repair services, our recommendation would be to seek a high quality furniture repair person in your area, especially one that focuses on vintage or antique repairs.
      Good luck! Thank you for your interest in The Cottage at Rooster Ridge!

  2. Does anyone know where and when this chair/rocker was manufactured?

    • Jeri Glatter says:

      Thank you for your interest in The Cottage at Rooster Ridge! There are no markings or label on this high chair, our estimation is the early 1900’s. We discovered the highchair in Syracuse, New York.

  3. Geoffrey Whitney says:

    I have the same chair, in similar condition, and am looking for a buyer if you know anyone…Also, do you have any idea of it’s value?

    • Jeri Glatter says:

      Hi Geoffrey,
      Thank you for your visit to The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. At this time we do not know of any interested buyers, we can only offer you the feedback that we have always received incredible interest and appreciation for the chair. We purchased this chair several years ago in Syracuse, New York at an antique cooperative. We were fortunate to be able to make the purchase for under $250.00. Good luck to you!

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