I have recently developed an early morning custom—a foggy-morning-brain, first-sips-of-coffee-ritual—of reading Twitter! I admit it!

And yes, I also read pages from Lessons from the Trumpet Vine, practice a morning mediation and speak daily affirmations.

Twitter is my morning treat, it is my version of checking in with those who are traveling alongside me on this journey of life! Although I am aware the representation is a small sliver of the human population—I always find thoughts to ponder.

This morning, I noticed many were speaking (tweeting) about change—and not the kind of change that jingles in the bottom of your bag or pocket—annoyingly—until of course you require one of those precious discs of metal. At that moment, for some unknown reason, it magically disappears! Seemingly hiding in fabric crevices and becoming embedded with fabric-lint and tissue-fuzz. Perhaps it is, where is wishes to be—hmmmm self-actualized quarters.

Maybe the onset of Spring yesterday triggered the awakenings and yearnings—for an improvement, or movement—or change. With that bit of fodder, I chose to read The Lesson of Change from Lessons from the Trumpet Vine, hoping for insight as well as being gently reminded of the lesson which was so lovingly graced to me.

With my utmost respect and desire to serve the highest good, I wish to share with you an excerpt:

Lessons from the Trumpet Vine

Written & Illustrated by; Jeri L. Glatter

The Lesson of Change

Our lesson for today rests in the quiet of motionlessness. We wish to speak to you of change. True change is the transformation of thought, habit, action, or belief. You currently believe that change is filled with motion and action. On the contrary, true change—everlasting change—requires the stillness of mind, body, and soul. Change occurs in our most quiet moments, as we reach into our beings and become the observers. We must study ourselves and examine our intention, along with the significance of that intention. And in those moments of quiet contemplation rather than doing, we must view ourselves with wide, honest eyes.

Change does not live upon our tongue nor in the steps we take. True change is a motionless transcending of self. Only later, once transformation has occurred, do we demonstrate our change through action. Those who exhibit change through action will only experience that change as long as the fuel runs. That false version of change is propelled by self-will, determination, or outside influences. True change, lasting change, must first be achieved through stillness. We must sit quietly, in contemplation, self observance, and reflection, with stillness inside of us. We must allow our minds to view the map of our intention, which directs our actions. Upon review of this, we will see where we have misguided motives and we will know ourselves on the most honest of levels.

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