The Barn at Rooster Ridge

Spring is arriving at The Cottage at Rooster Ridge! We are getting busy with the traditional Springtime chores and clean-up! The center for this kind of activity centers around The Barn at Rooster Ridge! Although the trees have not yet grown their leaves—we have pink and white blossoms on many of them!

In the evening the front of The Barn is softly illuminated with two Classic Reproduction Carriage Lights and our Vintage 1930’s Mobilgas gravity fed gas pump.

Wherever the work is being done at Rooster Ridge you can be certain that our ever-present foreman, Lucas, is nearby overseeing our tasks! He is dutifully in charge of quality control!

The sides and back of The Barn are enhanced with the charming detail of four Copper Radial Wave Barn Lights from our friends at

We selected frosted glass and a metal cage to complete the industrial barn appearance. In the evening these lights cast a warm glow while serving to illuminate the walkway along the side of The Barn. When Summer comes the hydrangea vine which grows up and along the side of The Barn will be in majestic bloom—we will be certain to share some evening photographs of The Barn in its illuminated glory!

A barn would not be complete without a “manure door” it seems only fitting that a plain white door should be transformed into a canvas for a painting of—what else? A Rooster!

We believe the mixing of materials creates the wonderful details that enrich design and create visual interest. This photograph demonstrates the commitment to our attention to detail that has become the signature look at Rooster Ridge. The four sliding barn doors were handcrafted in mahogany and have seeded glass windows.

Last year we added Vintage Bricks to the lower portion of The Barn—carefully placing some of the various names facing outward for all to enjoy! The original ship-lap board still remains—while the introduction of the Vintage bricks added new structural security to this over 100-year-old building. As a cap to the bricks blue stone was cut and the exposed end torched to add the hand chiseled look. The final detail is a strip of copper weather-guard which was bent and installed between the blue stone and the wood.

As of this writing there are two decorative stars on The Barn—a weathered white star made from Vintage Tin on the side of The Barn—and on the front of the barn a copper star is hung.

Rumors have been circulating regarding a plan to create a tribute to Old Glory on the back of the barn…hmm…I believe that there are some red metal stars that are just waiting to be painted blue! Memorial Day sounds like an appropriate premiere! Do we have any blue paint?

The Barn at Rooster Ridge is an excellent example of taking the opportunity to bring enjoyment and fun to the discovery of the simple joys of life!

Happy Spring!

Joy Surrounds!

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