Once a Year, The Peonies Bloom—

Once a Year, The Peonies Bloom—their arrival, with their abundance of delicate, soft as a whisper petals is one of the true signs that Springtime has arrived. The Peonies only bloom once and the remainder of their summer is spent growing to ensure that the following year they will once again burst forth with glorious bounty. As I began to think about sharing their radiance with you—I came to understand, to realize—at certain times, words—become unnecessary. Nouns, adjectives and verbs only seem to create noise.

Sometimes, in the splendor of magnificent, natural beauty—silence speaks the clearest, the most exacting and perfectly precisely.

Once a Year, The Peonies Bloom—

Symbolism Abounds!

7 Comments on “Once a Year, The Peonies Bloom—”

  1. Patti Obermiller says:

    Fabulous photos and gardening efforts!
    There are no words to describe the beauty of a Peony!

  2. Dorothy says:

    And their smell…. their smell is the best perfume there is…..
    So yeah, we don’t need words here.
    Just love’em.

  3. Kim says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  4. megan says:

    Beautiful! I love the one with the little tiny spider….!!!!!

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  6. Constance Young says:

    In that little town in Iowa where I grew up, Peonies were called “Decoration Day Flowers”. They could be counted on to be in bloom by what we now call Memorial Day and were the flower of choice for decorating the graves of loved ones. It was a big celebration with all members of the family visiting the cemeteries where our family members were buried. And because there was very little perpetual care then, the day often entailed more that just bringing flowers, but a day to mow and clean up that portion of the cemetery that we called ours. It was usually an all day event with parents, grandparents and children pitching in. Just recollecting things…that were. Mom

  7. […] Once a Year, The Peonies Bloom – (thecottageatroosterridge.com) […]

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