If you wish—

In the quiet before the dawn,

I welcome you to travel to

The Cottage at Rooster Ridge.


Art Lives

Art is everywhere—and can be seen encapsulated in a gilded frame or in the simplicity of the single stem of a daisy.  Art can be welcomed—even encouraged—to be infused into every aspect of life!  Art Lives hopes to share with you some of the creative approaches and applications we have created for utilitarian and decorative presentations at The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. Join us as we incorporate new, vintage, refurbished and re-purposed pieces being used in artistic ways.

Symbolism Abounds

You are welcome—to travel alongside—in creative thought; excerpts from Lessons from the Trumpet Vine and the paintings from the volume will be shared in this section. Also, in Symbolism Abounds the observations, thoughts, awakenings and growth continues to transpire.

Joy Surrounds

You are invited to experience the beauty of The Cottage at Rooster Ridge and enjoy—the displays, table settings, place cards, themes, invitations and greeting cards that are being created in The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. How very delightful it would be if you became inspired to welcome your family and friends in new ways to your own—cottage!

I look forward to hearing from you as you visit

The Cottage at Rooster Ridge.

With my heartfelt love,


12 Comments on “”

  1. cherilaser says:

    Your blog site looks terrific, Jeri! Congratulations on the launch–at last!


  2. dennis kirkpatrick says:

    Best of luck on the launch!

    Dennis Kirkpatrick

  3. Jeri,

    Congratulations on the book, the blog and whatever you try next.

    I do want a signed copy of your “. . . Trumpet Vine”.


    • Roger D. Bates says:

      I enjoyed reading your inspirational lessons, written resolutely to give your readers pause to reflect. Your book video trailer is excellent.

  4. Congratulations for launching your first book!!!!!

    The wait was worthwhile
    I enjoyed reading your book.
    Moreover, I think it could convey inspiration to many people throughout different stages in their life

  5. Pj Obermiller says:

    Thank you Jeri for sharing your labor of love and insight. I keep Lessons from the Trumpet Vine on my bedside table as it is a daily inspiration through life’s journey. The lessons are not only of great comfort but also motivation. xo Pj

  6. nancy cohen says:

    I love “Lessons From The Trumpet Vine” and the gifts of your blog….. it is my daily read and go -to book for simplicity, honesty and direction.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us.

    Nancy Ann Cohen

  7. Kasey says:

    Jeri, I love coming to vist you and Steve & I feel privileged to be welcome to stay in the “Cottage at Rooster Ridge”. . I love visiting your website and seeing the new ideas you’ve have had and Steve executes. Each time I visit the site I get a warm comfortable feeling. You are so creative and I’m very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Keep creating. I can’t wait for the next new thing. Love, Your Sister

  8. Jeri, just watched the trailer for your book…how wonderful. Got the paper cutter!!! Can’t thank you enough. I’ll keep The Cottage at Rooster Ridge in my bookmarks and check in from time to time. You give me great ideas.

    • Hi Theresa!
      I am so glad you received the Vintage Paper Cutter — I know it has found a wonderful home! I hope you use it with joy!
      Thank you for taking the time to watch the book trailer and for your lovely comment! Hearing from readers is incredible — and appreciated!

  9. Have been looking over your blog. I must tell you that the love and beauty you have in your home is so touching. I love it!

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