The intention behind the renovation of a 100 year old cottage was to create a warm, comfortable and beautiful space to provide an inspirational place to write, paint and create. The result was The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. The renovation became more than simply a refurbishing project—The Cottage at Rooster Ridge became a way of thinking, a style of designing and ultimately—an expression of peacefulness. Learning became mandatory. We found ourselves rewriting history through what is, most probably, the original version of recycling. We gathered vintage pieces and through new use brought forth renewed life to each item. At all times history was embraced with respect, albeit at times previous uses were abandoned and altered! After all, that was part of the fun!

Something special happened in the process of creating The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. Love was present—and that love became visible in the attention to details, the care taken in selection, and with the energy focused on artistic effort. Friends, family and visitors responded with joy and smiles…and always, with a gleeful request to return, usually, with the request to bring others with them so they could share The Cottage at Rooster Ridge.

Our journey at Rooster Ridge, which began with the renovation of The Cottage has grown, flourished and expanded! In this blog-site I hope to share with you the many aspects of Rooster Ridge! As of this writing we have completed second renovation at Rooster Ridge; The House at Rooster Ridge. There is always more to discover—on an ongoing basis The Barn, Gardens, Grounds and Pond at Rooster Ridge are ever changing. Often, we are asked if we are ever going to stop and the answer is always a resounding, “No!” Therefore, the most recent question has become, “Show me what’s new at Rooster Ridge!”

The Cottage renovation was successful, within the comfort and safety of The Cottage at Rooster Ridge I completed my first book and the twelve paintings that serve as the illustrations. Lessons from the Trumpet Vine is the creation of my personal spiritual journey that I am sharing with my best intentions and love. If it is a book you believe you might enjoy or wish to share with others traveling their path, I welcome you to read it.

Now for the disclaimer! Within this writing at my blog-site, I will not have the incredible privilege of time that is required to have a second pair of eyes to proofread my writing—certainly, there will be no decadence of an editor! I will do my best to convey my thoughts creatively, while also attempting to stay within the correct verb to noun match. No promises…

I hope you enjoy The Cottage at Rooster Ridge!

With my heartfelt love,


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