9 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Theresa Johnson says:

    Hello. My name is Theresa and I found your blog/website via a Google search for a vintage/antique paper roll cutter. I saw the one that is on this site and it is just what I am looking for! Can you give me any pointers for searching for one either on the internet or in antique stores? I live close to Brimfield, MA and have attended the Brimfield Fair. I thought of looking there. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but would like something that has good quality. Any information that you could provide would be fantastic. Thank you Ms. Glatter and your site is fun and informative.

  2. Kasey says:

    I know exactly what I want for my B-Day…..A candle stick selected and created by my Sister. Isn’t she amazingly creative!!!! I think so. Nice job Jeri, & Steve.

  3. Steve Blankenbeker says:

    I found your blog looking for interesting bricks with brand names on them. Did you know that there is an International Brick Collectors Association (IBCA)? If you ever want more interesting bricks (and trust me there are some REALLY interesting ones) let me know and we can put you on to some if you want. (Check out Nice pictures and good job!!!

    • Jeri Glatter says:

      Thank you for your invaluable information! I checked out the website you suggested—incredible! Looks like there is a whole world of bricks to discover! Thank you for your interest, sharing your ideas and kind words!

  4. Bill says:

    I found your blog while looking for antique high chairs. The one on here is amazing!
    Do you know where any other nice ones are?

    • Jeri Glatter says:

      Dear Bill,
      Thank you for visiting The Cottage at Rooster Ridge! We also love the Victorian high chair and have been asked by readers, friends and family where they might find one for themselves. We have been able to locate some on E Bay and have found the prices to be fair. Good luck in your search and we hope you too have the charming pleasure of a Victorian high chair!

  5. Monty says:

    Where did you find the the vintage propeller you used for the ceiling fan… And the mechanical drive. Thank you

    • Jeri Glatter says:

      Dear Monty,

      Thank you for your interest in The Cottage at Rooster Ridge and our vintage propeller ceiling fan. The propeller was a find from some time ago, we bumped into it while digging through an antique store on the east coast. We have never seen another one, only two-blade propellers. To make the fan we used a fan motor from a contemporary fan, and built the drive shaft ourselves with the assistance of a machinist. Wishing you great luck should you choose to create one of your own!

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