We offer you a dozen Roosters—beginning with twelve seems like a reasonable place to begin—if there is any reason, sanity or purpose—when it comes to The Love of All Things Rooster!

Our love of the image of the Rooster is often questioned—a misdirected attempt—to peer into the psyche of this intangible love—Roosters!

To begin sharing our many Roosters, in an orderly fashion or organized system—would be filled with labor.

The task of developing —categories—largest, smallest, our first, our most recent.

Material; wood, iron, ceramic, glass, silver!


Let us just share them with you, now and again—

Perhaps a dozen at a time and we’ll just stay in the category of;


There is not one answer regarding the questions of where, when and why of the Love of Roosters began—however, I offer you some insight.

An excerpt from:

Lessons from the Trumpet Vine


“I surveyed my environment as a new observer. Things made more sense now. My eyes fell upon the images of the roosters—everywhere roosters. Proud painted images, ceramic statues with chests puffed up, preparing to crow, a poster of Picasso’s rooster, iron that had been melded into crowing beaks and majestic tail feathers. Dishes, cups and bowls, napkins, pillows, and towels. Roosters. Carved wooden roosters flanking each doorway. Now I understood my attraction to them, the way they called to me. The message to begin another day. To draw forth every ounce of life force I could muster and crow. I hoped I had crowed well.”

Written & Illustrated by

Jeri L. Glatter

Symbolism Abounds!