The Love of Color! WHITE

At Rooster Ridge there are many signature design genres—the Re-Purposing of Vintage pieces, the (attempt) to achieve meticulous attention to detail—and The Love of Color!

Of all of the design elements available in the bounty of gorgeousness—pattern, scale and texture—and all of the inspirational surfaces— wood, tile, metal and stone—if forced to choose just one (design purgatory) COLOR would be our selection!

Color has the ability to transform, to alter, to enlighten, and to create emotion. Color resonates life and beauty.

Painting walls, trim and furniture in—vibrant, soft, interesting, poignant, peaceful or dramatic colors is a worthy investment of time and resources!

As I approached the concept of writing about The Love of Color I soon discovered the possibilities were as endless and astonishing as color itself!

Rooster Ridge is rich with color, currently the dining room in The House at Rooster Ridge is painted deep eggplant. The various wall colors in The House and Cottage are vibrant with; vintage-red, historic-green and warm-yellow.

In the Cottage at Rooster Ridge there is a single pumpkin-orange wall  which is enhanced with mahogany french doors! We believe the white trim that separates the pumpkin-orange and brown-red mahogany is the key ingredient!

The thought to address The Love of Color in “color specific segments” was intriguing! “Where to begin?” became the question.

WHITE became an ironic and interesting place to begin—the seemingly colorless white!

White is far from colorless—as there is a literal rainbow of whites in the color spectrum!

What we appreciate most about the simplicity of white is the kind of partner it becomes.

We view white as having the ability to assist colors in remaining authentic. “White helps colors hold their value.” (quoting myself!)

Every color is impacted by what surrounds it—light, as well as the color of light—has one of the most profound effects. Another significant outcome of color use is the impression created by the colors resting nearby. The coupling of colors creates a reverberation of the tone of color.

Our tribute to WHITE is also apparent in the design element this pure entity can provide—geometric shapes, the clean lines of trim, mill work, moldings and patterns presented in white are spectacular!

White, in its seemingly simple purity, creates a juxtaposed aspect to design—developing contrast and a basis for comparison.

When designing your cottage—we encourage you to delight in the wonder of white!

Art Lives!