The Love of Color—GREEN! (Inside!)

Earlier in the week we wrote about The Love of Color—GREEN! Our original plan was to present a pictorial display demonstrating the cohesiveness of bringing the organic color of green indoors. The magnificence that we discovered and photographed in nature made our interior shots pale in comparison—so our first tribute to green saluted the glory outside. Today we move indoors to complete our task.

We find green to be a grounding color, connecting us to all that grows and thrives. Introducing this essence into our inner sanctuary creates a peaceful quality. At Rooster Ridge green is used sparingly as an accent color and often travels indoors in the original natural venue as in our Rainforest Green Quartz counter-top in the kitchen of The House at Rooster Ridge.

We splurged and got a little wild taking the leap to have green ovens installed. I have to admit—it’s really fun to cook in green ovens! We have found that color makes the heart smile—if you are in the process of adding small or large new appliances to your cottage—consider a color!

The Vintage Tin Ceiling which we adapted as a back-splash near the stove and the desk area in the kitchen is a deep moss green—this shade is very organic and creates a feeling of stability. We love to mix patterns and have no fear in placing the Rainforest Green Quartz alongside the patterned Vintage Tin.

Green is introduced in decorative accent accessories; as seen the in the Antique Rockwood Pottery Vase, Antique green wine-wash and Vintage Soda Bottles.

Green Verde Marble has been infused as a consistent hearth color in the four fireplaces in The House at Rooster Ridge.

Historic green paint was used as an accent to the mantle in the Vida Room and the inset panels in the Entry Foyer and Dining Room.

More natural green can be found in the Antique Side Tables and two small floors; the front entry and the powder room feature Green Verde Marble.

With the introduction of green fabric on two dining chairs, this textural introduction further relates the touches of green accents.

The six coordinated panels of Antique Stained Glass which has been installed in the windows of The House at Rooster Ridge is a salute to the beauty of natural green—growing vines travel gloriously on the glass!

Green—is one of the most treasured gifts of nature. Calming, peaceful, healing.

Green represents growth—for us as spiritual beings and in nature. We encourage you to invite green into your cottage!

Symbolism Abounds!

Re-Purpose—Vintage Industrial Work Table!

The Cottage at Rooster Ridge has a small kitchen area and our intent was to create a working kitchen without the use of any built-in cabinetry—as used in current day. The dish wear is stored in a Pine American Folk Art Cabinet and the retro white farm sink was placed into an existing Re-Purposed English Pine Sideboard—more about those another time!

And, the center island was fashioned from a Vintage Industrial Work Table.

The original industrial green which was only minimally visible along the edge of the steel top was left intact as an excellent and unusual accent color to our plan of painting the legs a distilled barn red.

The cast iron top was covered with an overwhelming and bewildering array of paint, rust, bolts, holes, grease and dirt! The good news—we could see the beauty hidden beneath it all!

Enter elbow grease and stubborn tenacity (Steven) and an equally stubborn vision. (Jeri)

After what seemed like— f o r e v e r —the sanding, grinding and bashing ceased and we were left with a raw cast iron table, just waiting to—RUST!

Quickly the base legs were painted as the imminent danger of RUST hovered nearby! The quandary we discovered ourselves in was what to do with the top surface. We wanted this Vintage Industrial Work Table  to become a functional addition to the kitchen as well as a style statement. Research led us (Steven) to a two-part epoxy resin as the solution. The epoxy resin would seal the steel top—preventing the metal from rusting. Equally as important, this resin top would provide a sanitary, washable surface to work on.

With the freedom to feel comfortable drilling into this used table—as it already had plenty of hammer marks and holes—we affixed our first Vintage Paper Cutter.

The Vintage Paper Cutters have become a household go-to for a multitude of uses and tasks! If you haven’t yet read about the them—here are the links for Part One and Part Two!

The addition of baskets on the two “shelves” which are created with the cast iron cross-bars furthered the usefulness of this industrial piece for storage of small kitchen items.

Re-Purposing is the ultimate in recycling and we are proud to join the ranks of many whose efforts at being green is a priority.

Through this Re-Purposing a solution to a small space—which required a functioning piece was obtained. After all what is more functional than an industrial work table! The richness of the history which came with all of the nicks, bashes and scratches was a bonus—and the industrial style is of course, Stylin’!

Art Lives!

Post Script; If you are seeing the dried Hydrangea arrangement on the Vintage Industrial Work Table for the first time—here is the link to that post! Enjoy!