Sometimes…it’s about the drama!

This is one of those times I absolutely wish I had an incredibly talented and professional photographer available to me—bringing with them their artistry, knowledge, experience—and, all of those great lights and cool lenses… to fully demonstrate—sometimes…it’s about the drama!

Exposing the peaked roof on the second floor of The House at Rooster Ridge created an architecturally dramatic essence from the naturally stunning angles, pitch and height of the space. The drama, in this case, was a good thing and we did what we could to embrace it, enhance it and build upon it.

The first item to be addressed were the two support beams which ran across the pitched ceiling. We relied upon the artistry of our wood craftsman who created panel insets on the beams and finished them with classic crown molding. The talented craftsmanship was further elaborated with the richness of Mahogany, our favorite wood.

To intensify the impact of the height of the ceiling, lighting was added along the top (inside) of the beams creating a glowing illumination.

In the same finishing style we built a mahogany triangle base, to suspend the majestic Americana Fan. We discovered this from one of our favorite resources, Barn Light Electric. As luck would have it, the blades were available in mahogany and we selected an Antique Brass finish. The impressive scale of this fan usually results in a sigh, as the span is an impressive six feet!

Another one of the beautifully dramatic elements is the 1930’s Antique Art Deco glass lamp which is gracefully suspended from the ceiling on long brass chains. The soft lavender—blue glass emits a sultry lilac light while simultaneously displaying a lovely contrast created from the etched white flowers when illuminated.

The acquisition of what we consider to be a piece of art is the pre-1900’s stained glass window. The glass brings continuous joy as we observe the variances of colors—depending on the light from outside.

Sometimes, it’s best not to “Save the drama for your Mama” and relish the drama created in the magnificence of design, color and varying elements!

Art Lives!

Bravo! The Ultimate in Artistic Re-Purposing!

This is a Boyce Motometer gauge—these gauges were an after market add-on and would be purchased for your car’s radiator in the 1920’s and 30’s. In addition to dressing up your automobile it enabled the driver to read the radiator temperature. The gauge pictured above is our first purchase–of what I am certain will become one of our favorite collections…let the search begin!

If the design, form and artistry isn’t cool enough—just sitting there…let us share with you what became of a similar piece. The wings were recast by Eclectic Revival Inc, a Toronto based company specializing in Vintage & Custom Lighting. From the casting of the wings of the gauge they created amazingly unique lighting in pendants, sconces and chandeliers. Incredible!

It was our luck to discover their artistic brilliance—we stumbled upon them while searching for unique and vintage lighting as part of our recent renovation of The House at Rooster Ridge. Our experience with them was professional and enjoyable—we remain a number #1 fan of Eclectic Revival Inc. Fine Vintage and Custom Lighting

We incorporated three of the angel wing wall sconces into the vintage design of the master bathroom. We positioned one between two retro medicine cabinets, a second above the vanity-sized retro medicine cabinet and the third hangs beautifully over the cast iron footed tub creating a lovely lighting ambiance.

We receive many requests for additional details regarding products which we purchase new—within the mix of our vintage, antique, re-purposed, recycled and new decorating design style.

Pictured new items; Restoration Hardware-Vintage medicine cabinets. In addition, our finest salute to our love of color. The incredible, rich eggplant wall color is Benjamin Moore Autumn Purple. Please note: these are non-sponsored “shout outs” we choose to tell it like it is—good design is well appreciated by Rooster Ridge!

We hope you are as inspired as we were by the re-purposing of this design, from automobile gauge to magnificent lighting in a mere 75 years…look around Art might be sitting right in front of you–Art Lives!

Recycling ~ A New Purpose

Recycling can be far more than placing cardboard, cans and plastic bottles into the appropriate bins!

At Rooster Ridge we believe the original form of recycling was the age-old tradition of passing items down from one generation to another. To assist in acquiring the commodities to work with we enjoy discovering antique pieces that have interesting design and form. When we cannot utilize a piece in the original purpose we attempt to create a new use. We always try to stay within the integrity of the original use of the piece—a good place to begin is to maintain the character by using the positioning it was originally designed for. The Vintage Hay Trolley was designed from a utilitarian perspective to be suspended from above and we feel it is best appreciated in that venue.

As we did not have bales of hay that required moving from one end of a barn to the other—this unique light was created to hang above the farm sink in the kitchen of The House at Rooster Ridge. The interest of the mechanical iron pulley is maintained and now has a new purpose!

With a little ingenuity and creative thinking the light was created by adding two pendant lights and lacing them through the pulleys. The pendant lights were selected for their authentic green porcelain shades and industrial design. One of our favorite sources—Barn Light Electric supplied the pendants.

With the fastidious vintage details of twisted cotton electrical cord and the use of the retro Edison Bulbs the authenticity of the complete design works beautifully.

As an added bit of whimsy the pulley is suspended on black cotton rope and supported by two mermaid hooks.

Mermaid Hooks:

A note from our engineering department…As extra support would be required to hold the weight of the 20 pound pulley, prior to installation, a small wood support beam was placed into the ceiling behind the sheet rock.

The process of creative recycling is continuously evolving at Rooster Ridge and one of our favorite pastimes! There is so much more to show you! Look around your cottage for items waiting for A New Purpose!


The renovation of The House at Rooster Ridge is complete! The exterior lighting serves as a welcome beacon to all!

The copper barn lights are featured in various forms to utilize the most advantageous function for each area.

Wall sconces, ceiling pendants and goose-necks all create warm illumination as they announce the mood as well as highlight the beauty of Rooster Ridge.