Artwork in Progress

The Lesson of Release

Oil on canvas; 3′ x  3′ — Work in progress —  Jeri Glatter

From the very first days of what would become my spiritual journey, which began as an unrelenting urge to seek understanding and awakening, I have felt compelled to artistically express, The Lesson of Release from my book Lessons from the Trumpet Vine.

When I first began this painting, the elders, who stood symbolically on the shore of The River of Release were concrete, physical—as was most of my thinking! As I was uncertain and uncomfortable with the direction this particular painting was headed, I sent this canvas off to the graveyard. The cemetery—was a non-ceremonial burial sight of unfinished canvases propped against a back wall—layered with other, more acceptable pieces, so as to remain hidden from view.

Recently, a gentle tugging of my heart has been challenging me to complete this original painting—ahhhhhh—lesson time. The difficult aspect was that in order to finish it—I needed to accept that I had traveled, that I had grown and experienced so much since I began. Perhaps more importantly, it became necessary for me to have the understanding that I need not erase or forget what had come before—the steps I had taken to arrive where I was—had become a necessary and integral aspect. Perhaps equally as important was to be reminded of the gift of humility—of where it was—I had come from. How else would I appreciate the distance I had traveled?

I have found the natural tendency of having experienced transformation or growth is to burn the evidence! Start fresh…and to express only where you (gloriously) now stand. And, I have also come to understand that, that version lacks the richness—the layering of the experience.

As an exercise in acceptance, I have begun to paint once again on the original canvas—on top of “where I was” and in doing so, I have received the incredible gift of gratitude for my deeper connectedness to spirit, the highest source or God. As I relish the blissful freedom to be in expression only—without thought—I experience the pure joy of trust.

Symbolism Abounds!