The Lesson of Humanity

With my highest intention—I wish to share an excerpt from

Lessons from the Trumpet Vine

Written & Illustrated by Jeri L. Glatter

The Lesson of Humanity

When the last has arrived, all stand shoulder–to–shoulder, forming a circle. The four elders gently smile with approval and speak regally with pride. Look amongst you, they say, and see what you have accomplished! Together we form a circle, as we represent the bowl of humanity and life. Each of you has come, and each of you has brought a portion of the bowl we now create. How magnificent our bowl! Each and every one of you—from the smallest swaddled baby against her mother’s chest to the strongest and wisest among you—and every grain of sand between are necessary. Each of you has come together with the rest to form the richest of clays, and from that our bowl has been created. Our bowl of humanity is strong, and from within we can hold the weak. We can bring forth the harvest, hold our life water, heal the sick, bury the tired, and live in harmony.

A voice is heard. What of the lost, and those who do not join us?

The elders quietly weep as they speak again. There are some who come to the village not to live, but to continue their dying. There are some who choose to ignore the call to the village. All have a purpose. There is no waste. At times, those who remain lost lay stones in their wake, demonstrating where not to travel, so that others may find some grace. Whenever you meet them, embrace them and greet them with compassion and love. At times, the weakest among us are those who bring forth the most powerful of gifts. We can easily be fooled into believing that only the strongest bring us our lessons. Yet our treatment of the weak is what brings about the best in us. Their weakness becomes our strength. Thank them.

From their chests, the four elders beam in awe and pride and continue speaking. We are so very proud of you, they say. Feel our pride. Take that gratification into your heart and celebrate! For this is our most important task—the bowl we create when we share the same village. All are welcome.

The Lesson of Self Value

The Lesson of Self Value

 Oil-on-canvas – 3′ x 3′

Excerpt from Lessons from the Trumpet Vine

Throughout your visits with us, the elders stressed, we will help you understand the importance of true self-value, which is presently a struggle for you. You have created the measurement of your value through self-proclamation or judgment of your actions, thoughts, or words. At other times, you seek the words of others to provide you with an appraisal of your value. These methods are inadequate, result in a false sense of value, and are destined for failure. With love and the highest level of integrity, we ask you to understand that you were born with intrinsic value, with or without your worldly accomplishments. You inaccurately believe that your value can shift and be altered dependent upon whatever you produce, create, or facilitate. This is why you find yourself requiring outside proof of your value through the words of others, or your transitory thoughts, or symbolic gain. In doing this, your self-value shifts, becomes precarious, and is subject to your most recent judgment. Your feelings of self-value and self-worth have been placed outside of yourself. This is not appropriate and will cause you to live in a way that will require the constant filling from without. You need to turn your view of self-value inward and to spirit, the highest source, or God, which accompanied you here, to equate your value.

Quiet yourself. Stop the feelings of panic and fear that you will not have something you need, that you will be without something important or, more directly, that you are inferior. Understand, trust, and accept that you have all you require to complete your intended journey. You are protected.