Comforting Copper

There is something comforting about copper—especially Vintage Copper.

There are many precious metals which have survived the wear and tear of a life lived—each holding a unique history within each mar, dent and scratch. At Rooster Ridge we feel, copper, more-so than other metals, exudes comfort.

The warm signature colors of the varied shades of peaches and oranges that depict copper are so comforting—and perhaps that is the reason so many soothing amenities of warmth have been offered in the solace of copper.

At Rooster Ridge we display Vintage Copper pieces as well as utilize them in our every day life. The placement of Vintage Copper containers—teapots, pots, kettles and carriage warmers mirror the warmth of homeyness in each of their metallic reflections.

In addition to placed pieces, we have also incorporated copper into the lighting as well as other utilitarian objects…more on those at a later date!

The utilitarian effectiveness of copper allows for functional use indoors as well as outdoors! The exterior of Rooster Ridge additionally heralds copper as the signature metal in skylights, gutters, light fixtures, flashing and weather vanes!

At The Cottage at Rooster Ridge spring is near! Soon we will be moving outdoors to share with you our outdoor copper!

We hope we have inspired you to invite the cozy warmth of copper into your cottage!

Art Lives!