The Love of Color—GREEN! (Inside!)

Earlier in the week we wrote about The Love of Color—GREEN! Our original plan was to present a pictorial display demonstrating the cohesiveness of bringing the organic color of green indoors. The magnificence that we discovered and photographed in nature made our interior shots pale in comparison—so our first tribute to green saluted the glory outside. Today we move indoors to complete our task.

We find green to be a grounding color, connecting us to all that grows and thrives. Introducing this essence into our inner sanctuary creates a peaceful quality. At Rooster Ridge green is used sparingly as an accent color and often travels indoors in the original natural venue as in our Rainforest Green Quartz counter-top in the kitchen of The House at Rooster Ridge.

We splurged and got a little wild taking the leap to have green ovens installed. I have to admit—it’s really fun to cook in green ovens! We have found that color makes the heart smile—if you are in the process of adding small or large new appliances to your cottage—consider a color!

The Vintage Tin Ceiling which we adapted as a back-splash near the stove and the desk area in the kitchen is a deep moss green—this shade is very organic and creates a feeling of stability. We love to mix patterns and have no fear in placing the Rainforest Green Quartz alongside the patterned Vintage Tin.

Green is introduced in decorative accent accessories; as seen the in the Antique Rockwood Pottery Vase, Antique green wine-wash and Vintage Soda Bottles.

Green Verde Marble has been infused as a consistent hearth color in the four fireplaces in The House at Rooster Ridge.

Historic green paint was used as an accent to the mantle in the Vida Room and the inset panels in the Entry Foyer and Dining Room.

More natural green can be found in the Antique Side Tables and two small floors; the front entry and the powder room feature Green Verde Marble.

With the introduction of green fabric on two dining chairs, this textural introduction further relates the touches of green accents.

The six coordinated panels of Antique Stained Glass which has been installed in the windows of The House at Rooster Ridge is a salute to the beauty of natural green—growing vines travel gloriously on the glass!

Green—is one of the most treasured gifts of nature. Calming, peaceful, healing.

Green represents growth—for us as spiritual beings and in nature. We encourage you to invite green into your cottage!

Symbolism Abounds!

The Art of the Collection: Vintage Soda Bottles

The American Heritage College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, defines collection as: 1. The act or process of collecting. 2. A group of objects or works to be seen or kept together. You can stop laughing—yes, I have my daughter’s college dictionary, a physical relic of the past, nonetheless, I choose to perceive utilizing this book as an organic experience of seeking words and definitions. Mind you, I do have spell-check! It’s about balance, yes?!

There are few things more striking than a display of similar objects placed together for viewing. Something about a mass of something, of anything—that calls for, even demands—our attention. Perhaps it’s the representation of the idea of togetherness or the comfort of orderly categories that resonates with both the viewer and the collector. Or possibly, depending on certain circumstances, the oddity or obscurity of the collection!

The attraction to collecting and collections might be found in the common questions a collector often hears; “Why do you collect those/that/them?” “How long has it taken?” Are you still collecting or have are completed your collection?”

We have found that the answers are as varied as the people and the collections! All the more reason to inquire! Please note, it is rare to hear a collector consider their collection “completed.”

History or memories, wishes—even dreams—can play a part in the joy and artistry of collecting. Often, it is more than the just the form or design that attracts a person to a collection. Not all collections are vintage or antique, many collections take place in current day form.

At Rooster Ridge we love The Art of the Collection. Our collections do serve to fulfill an aspect of the need we have to feel comforted by what surrounds us. Interesting items, beautiful colors, textures, design and history all resonating the emotions that bring richness, beauty and joy to our lives.

Art Lives!