Once Upon a Spindle—Chapter 2

We would be remiss if we did not share the original tale of Once Upon a Spindle and the first Vintage Spindles which were brought to Rooster Ridge with love and with the intention of Re-Purposing. The Cottage at Rooster Ridge is a 100 year old building, which means the requirement to have a handrail was not in place when this “not-to-code” steep and narrow staircase was built! One of the many joys of grandfathering! The charming staircase is made of beautifully aged wood. When viewing an individual step at eye level, you are able to see the dips on the left and the right of each stair, which have been created by footfalls through the years—resonating history! This staircase was one of the first discoveries that was made during the renovation of the cottage—we removed the carpeting which was on the staircase and the subsequent layer after layer of thick aged paint.

After the renovation was complete the staircase began getting more and more use and it became apparent that a handrail would come in handy. The Art and Writing Studio is upstairs in The Cottage at Rooster Ridge, often canvases and art supplies are being carried up and down, a place to pause on this steep stairway with a solid grip-hold would come in handy!

l found it a difficult to imagine an ordinary handrail in this little artistic building and not very creative! With the freedom granted from grandfathering, the question became, “Why does a handrail have to be a single piece of…anything? Why couldn’t it be several things?”

This became the first new use and Re-Purposing of the Vintage Spindles we had fallen in love with! It seemed logical— as the spindles had once served a purpose in a staircase in a vertical position—why not turn them on their sides and enable them to be Re-Purposed into a horizontal staircase-handrail!

This became a perfect solution for this narrow staircase with it’s “non-code” angles and turns as well as being creative, artistic and unique!

These are the steps (pun intended) we took—the spindles were sanded, stained and the ends were rounded to remove the square ends. The idea to use different styles of  spindles furthered the unique appearance and interest! As they were also made of different woods the color varied as well as the patterns.

We found Vintage handrail supports to attach the spindle-handrails. The finishing touch was a decorative end-piece—which in actuality is a stationery accessory which we had on hand!

Re-Purposing. Thinking as artistically and creatively as possible is our goal and motto at The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. Removing the limits of what something once was and allowing the freedom for it to become.

Art Lives!