Water from New Orleans

After (finally) completing the post; Brick by Brick (1206 words—sorry!) the story of the Vintage Bricks at Rooster Ridge and the kitchen floor in the The House at Rooster Ridge—we would be remiss not to mention one last detail!

The process for utilizing the Vintage Bricks for the kitchen floor involved creating brick tiles—as we needed to keep the height of the floor consistent to the adjoining rooms. The depth was not available between the sub-floor and the required floor height to be able to use whole bricks as we had in The Cottage at Rooster Ridge. A wet-saw was used to slice each brick horizontally into thirds. (imagine red and orange clay dust everywhere!) The center section was removed and the two outer slices were now “tile thickness” for installation. By using the exterior pieces only, each tile was complete with the desired patina depicting the history of the bricks.

Many of the bricks had the molded name of the original brick-maker which was a goal of ours. The names were then carefully choreographed into a seemingly haphazard pattern in order to create a multi-directional view. The final step was sealing the Vintage Bricks. After a somewhat long and arduous process we had, at long last, arrived at the outcome we had aimed for. The warmth and comfort of the Vintage Brick floor was now complete!

The next step we took might surprise some—what did we do next?

We cut two 12 inch circular holes into the bricks! Crazy? Maybe.

I’m uncertain exactly what came over us—oops—I mean to say…we were deeply inspired—when we decided to install two Vintage Water Meter Caps from the streets of New Orleans.

The (newly installed) Vintage Brick floor seemed to beckon the need of, well, an indication that a water pipe was vintage-ly running under this floor!

This quirky detail adds interest to the eclectic appeal of the kitchen in The House at Rooster Ridge, and if needed—the Water Meter Caps often serve as a conversation starter!

We encourage you to allow the beauty of your personality to resonate within—and in the walls (and floor) of your cottage.

In the unique design of each individual person, we find that—

Joy Surrounds!